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Member of the Board: Mark J. Eanes, M.D.

Dr. "Mark" Eanes received his Bachelor of Science degree from Valdosta State University in 1977 and completed his Residency of Ophthalmology at the Medical College of Georgia. He is on Staff at the South Georgia Medical Center. He is also a Member of the Medical Association of Georgia. He has been in private practice since 1986. Mark and his wife Jo, have seven children. Mark has a great heart for missions and participates with several medical outreach ministries. He is also very active in community projects in his home town.

Dr. Mark Eanes has been a member of the GANSU, INC Board of Directors since 2004.

Member of the Board: Daniel M. Gold, M.D.

Dr. "Dan" Gold is a graduate of the University of California and received his medical training at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. His private practice is located in Palestine, Texas. During the past 20 years Dr. Gold has served on numerous international mission teams offering teaching and medical care. Dan, his wife, Karen and two of their five children served with GI in Qin'An, Gansu province in 2007.  Dan and Karen returned to serve in 2011.

Dr. Dan Gold joined the GANSU, INC Board of Directors in 2009.

Member of the Board: Ronald R. Krueger, M.D.

Dr. "Ron" Krueger is the Medical Director, Department of Refractive Surgery, at the Cole Eye Institute of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He has performed 15 thousand refractive surgery procedures and has authored over 100 peer previewed manuscripts, abstracts, book characters and trade journal articles. He has 24 years of experience in excimer laser research. He co-authored the first book on the subject, "Customized Corneal Ablation: The Quest for Super-Vision". He has lectured on refractive surgery in over 40 countries. He also has over 12 years research experience in ultrashort pulse laser photodisruption of ocular tissue and is involved in research investigating the cause of presbyopia and restorations of accommodation.  Dr. Krueger and Dr. Ivey Thornton were united in marriage in August 2011.

Dr. Ron Krueger has served on the GANSU, INC Board of Directors since 1997.

Member of the Board:  David A. Razo

David "Dave" Razo, a Retired United States Air Force Colonel, served the USA for 27 years during his military career. As a pilot he traved to over 30 countries and as a leader in the armed forces he was responsible for thousands of military personel.  He has a thrist for knowledge and has obtained three graduate degrees. Since his retirement he has been busy with his interersts of operating a stock trading business and helping others as a relationships and peak performance couch.  In addition to these pursuits he remains active serving as a volunteer with civic, church, and non-profits organizations.  He has traveled to China with GANSU, INC, serving in 2009-2011.  He has also volunteered his time working in the home office of GANSU, INC assisting with administrative duties.  Dave and his wife. Lessia, are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year.  They have one daughter, a MBA student at Pepperdine University, California.

Dave Razo has served on the GANSU, INC Board of Directors since 2011.

Member of the Board: Stanford D. Stone

Stanford "Stan" Stone, Headmaster of Dade Christian School, Miami, FL is a part of the heritage of GANSU, INC as the great-grandson of William and Jessie Christie. Rev. Stone graduated from Tennessee Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. He then completed his Master of Science in Educational Administration at Baptist University of America. He has also completed 42 hours toward his doctoral studies in Educational Leadership at Liberty University. He was ordained into the Gospel ministry in 1980. After time spent with his wife, Theresa, of 33 years, their six children and five grandchildren, one of his passions is running. He participates in 5k and 10k races each year.

Rev. Stan Stone has served on the GANSU, INC Board of Directors since 2006.

Secretary/Treasurer of the Board: Richard A. Ulrich, M.D.

Dr. Ulrich, an identical twin, and known to his friends as "Rich" is an Ophthalmologist. He graduated from Houghton College, New York and completed Jefferson Medical School in Pennsylvania in 1966. He then completed his Eye Residence at the University of Iowa in 1973 and spent 20 years in the United States Air Force. Upon retirement in 1987, he has worked with group eye care practices and currently works with the Carter Eye Center in Warner Robins, GA. Dr. Ulrich's practice includes general medical ophthalmology, diabetes and macular degeneration. He and Angelia were married in Orlando in 1969 and have four sons and ten grandchildren. Rich enjoys his patients and is often called the "Singing Doctor". In his spare time he enjoys preparing for and teaching a Sunday School class and using his mechanical, technical, and electrical expertise to solve problems.

You can read more about his convictions at www.richardulrich.com.

Dr. Richard Ulrich has been a member of the GANSU, INC Board of Directors since 1994.